What Are The Restrictions For Sexuality In Islam ?


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Islam teaches us to keep veil. It is both for man and woman. A woman should cover herself from head to toe except face and hands. A man should cover his body to his knees. No sex is allowed. Only a husband and wife can have sex.
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Well I think that there is not any religion which allows the illegal sexual activities. Every religion is totally against these activities. This is the quite big reason the people are becoming away from the religion and don't want to accept any religion, because they don't allow any illegal sexual activities, like homosexual, bisexual, or like these. While the some country's law allow these type of illegal activities.

And in case of ISLAM, it is totally illegal and a sort of a big sin. If someone is involved in this type of activities then, he/she must be killed or hanged in front of all the people. There is so much restrictions for the illegal sexual activities, either it is same sex illegal activity or opposite sex. It means, if a man and women are not legally married according to ISLAM then there sexual activities are totally wrong and both of them must be punished strictly because of this sin. If they are married then they can do any type of sexual activity. And if two same sex people are involved in this type of activities then they are punished more strictly and even killed, because of this activity.

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