I'm Cancer ♋-Leo ♌ Cusp (17-25 July). What Is My Best Match?


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Usually people born on the cusp of two signs of the zodiac are more compatible with other cusps! The most compatible match for a Cancer/Leo cusp is either a Scorpio/Sagittarius or a Pisces/Aries cusp.

Cancer/Leo cusp compatibility
  • Creativity is one of the fundamental characteristics of this cusp, and should help you form a bond with the equally creative Scorpio/Sagittarius and Pisces/Aries cusps.
  • They also prefer the nurturing aspect of the family group and love warm hospitality.
  • Their warm and sensitive nature makes them very attractive to all signs of the zodiac.
  • They tend to be very loyal, and will always stand up for a loved one when threatened.
  • Cancer/Leo cusps are usually generous people, which makes them a fine match for the like-minded Pisces/Aries cusp.
  • They are always great organisers, and tend to be leaders rather than followers.
  • Cancer/Leo cusps have the ability to see projects through to the end.
Cancer/Leos have a wide range of very good attributes, which makes a very attractive prospect for any other star sign - but their best matches would be a Cancer/Leo cusp or a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp.
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Ive been looking it up and your best match is actually someone on a cusp also because people born within 2 signs have characteristics of both traits.....so your would be scorpio-saggitarius  cusp :)

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