What Does Dreaming Of Bread Mean?


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A dream about bread is supposed to symbolize the basic needs in life, like food and shelter.

How To Understand A Dream About Bread
  • Think about what you were doing in your dream when you saw the bread - this is likely to provide more insight into what your dream means.
  • How did you feel when you saw the bread? Was it a relief? If so, this could indicate that you're lacking something fundamental in life. It might not be anything tangible - the bread could symbolize company, love, or friendship.
  • Consider what bread means to you. If you're a Christian, it could represent kindness and compassion, like in the story where Jesus feeds five thousand people with very little bread.
  • Were you with anybody when the bread appeared in your dream? If so, the dream could be an indication that this person is very important to you. If you were alone, then maybe your dream means that you're feeling lonely and that company is important to you.

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