How Do You Turn Into A Mermaid When You Tuch Water? If U Dont Belive, Plz Dont Answer. No Jokes Either Plz PLEASE TELL ME A SPELL THAT WILL WORK IVE WANTED 2 B A MERMAID SINCE I COULD SWIM


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Walt O'Reagun answered

Sorry to burst your bubble ... But (1) there is no such thing as mermaids (or mermen), and (2) there is no such thing as magic spells.

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Thomas Rohrer answered
Well, unlike most other magical creatures (who are born with their abilities and appearance), a normal human can become a mermaid-like creature. However, it isn't from touching water. Here's how:
1. Obtain (or carve) a bowl of Danish pine, 3 feet by 3 feet in diameter.
2. Gather together these 4 fluids: The blood of a haddock, yellow-colored bile from a mole crab, black-colored bile from a barracuda, and phlegm from a dugong.
3. Mix in bits and pieces of your desired fishy half. It is crucial for the tail end to be whole, and for NO head bits to go in the stew.
4. Simmer the soup over a fire fueled by pieces of wood from a single Warsaw hazel tree until the earliest new moon, regardless of when you started. Stir vigorously every 6 hours.
5. On the earliest new moon, pour the resulting gunk into a saltwater bath, and wash in it. Pay very special attention to the legs and lower back.
6. There should be a sudden loss of feeling in the legs, and a strange sensation from your lower back. This indicates that your legs are receding and your new tail is growing.
7. After 6 minutes and 16 seconds, feel your body to make sure all markers of sirenism (total lack of legs, long & strong tail, scales along lower body, weedy quality of hair, etc.) are in place. If all of these features do not appear by sunrise, then make sure everything was precise.

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