Do You Remember Your Dreams?


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The weird dream I ever had was a few years ago.  I was dating george stults from 7th heaven and he was a werewolf who was going to sell me and my sister mary to the head werewolf for more powers.  Then we discovered him and his brother geoff's secret the head werewolf tries to kill us and crashed us into my old elementry school were me and mary went onto swing that were inside a invisible bubble in the back of the gym where a play was going on.  George and geoff tried saying that they changed their minds and weren't going to sell us but we didn't believe them and ran backstage where we hid until the end of the play.  Then we ran into the teachers' bathroom across the hall and took the mirror off the wall and climbed into another bathroom where we did the same thing two or three times.  Finally we entered another bathroom that was filled with handicap stalls and I went into a stall that had a bathtub with dirt stuck to the walls and mary went somewhere else.  Geoff and george came in and found mary.  She screamed so I stood up and then george came over to where I was and I started throwing plastic catipillars and squirting ketchup packets at him.  Then he said that he really wasn't going to sell me to the head werewolf and he let me and mary go.  Then on the way out we passed matt (our older brother) and he started beating up geoff and george as we left. 
Then I woke up.
None of my dreams have ever come true but my and my best friend allie did have the same dreams although hers was a month or two in advance.  (not the same dream as above).
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I have terrible nightmares. I do remember all of them. My dreams I also remember, and they all definitely have to do with my subconscious.
For example: I dreamt I took someone's hand which I have been competitive with....a friend told me that that could mean we are coming together to "fight" for the same cause...and as a matter of fact, that did happened...we became friends. So I would say dreams could come true, but not as you see them : They have a somewhat different underlying meaning.
My weirdest dream ( nightmare ) would give you nightmares :) so I will not share there!
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i dreamt that i would break off from one of my best friends and become friends with someone i really didnt talk to and that really happened and now we are the best of friends
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When I was 14(I am 75) I dreamt I was looking at a large city where everyone was dressed in long white robes.I kept wondering what they were all standing waiting for, when one person turned and pointed for me to look where she was pointing. I recognized her as my aunt and she was pointing to Jesus, the Christ, whom I had been praying to for 2 years.In a few moments as I stared at him ,y body was filled with love and the knowledge of why we are alive on this earth.He was shining like the sun and when I turned my eyes away for a second, he was no longer there when I looked again.That vision has remained with me all my life and it is the reason I still believe he is and was God's son as we were taught in the AME church where I grew up. I married a minister and have raised 3 sons, now have 2 granddaughters, but that vision has inspired me and taught me how God wants us all to live and teach others what love really means so that one day we will live eternally with him.Happy New year
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Well I have this one dream that I dream a few times a year ..Its King Kong chasing up the street I lived on when I was a child but when I reach the top of the street it becomes another town and as I run across the street to get away from Kong I turn around and I am in my grandmothers barn looking at the peacock feathers my grandfather would save for us kids and then Kong is no more and I wake up... This has been happening to me since I was about 7 years old and has followed me throughout my adulthood...
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WOW!! When I was a kid had a similar dream about King Kong only he was walking down my street and I could hear his footsteps getting closer & closer to my house.
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My weirdest dream was the one where I saw myself flying in a carpet like in the stories and then suddenly the carpet changed to a motorbike and I landed on the moon.
People say that our dreams come true but personaly none of my dream so far has come true.
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My weirdest dream was when I was a child.
I saw my self running in a big hall. I felt it was my home & it was a palace. The hall had three big windows that had light curtains. I was looking through it & saw our neighbours' house on fire.
Suddenly, I felt scared & didn't know what to do ..... I don't want to make you bored so I'll tell you what happened last. Our neighbours moved to our home and the purple hall was full of people.
I won't forget this dream for the rest of my life.
Wish you enjoyed reading my weirdest dream :)
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I usually remember my dreams..but I've always heard that if you turn over right before you wake up, you forget them. My weirdest dream, hmmm, oh, I dreamt I was about to die from falling out of a helicopter and right before I hit the ground a big dolphin saved me ..very crazy!
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Are you psychic?! I was just thinking about asking a question like this the other day!

Sometimes I do remember my dreams. I can still remember dreams I had when I was a kid (and that's quite a while ago). I used to have a dream as a kid that there was a giant who lived in our backyard and we would have to be inside of the house by a certain time or the giant would get us. The dream usually had something to do with my sister running into the house and leaving me outside to clean up all our toys just as the giant came out to get us.

I can't recall any of my dreams coming true. My favorite dreams have been ones where I have a very strong feeling that I am deeply loved by someone. Usually it is someone I don't know.
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I have had a dream about a Blue Cat, I have had it two times now in two weeks, if anybody has any idea what in the world a Blue Cat has to do with, please let me know, it is a kitten, blue/white I put a red collar on it a call it America?
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I had a terrible dream about these vicious dogs. I ran from them and I thought that I'd eluded them, but I didn't. It was dark in the room and they bit me pretty bad on my butt and I felt the pain and cried. I couldn't get em off of me because if was like they were ghost dogs. Basically, I was fighting air. I layed in my bed traumatized crying softly, because the pain stayed on me for about 3 minutes and it gradually went away. This happened in late 1993. I was 8 years old and I still remember that dream. The other dreams I had from 93 to now weren't as bad but I still remembered them.
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My scariest dream was when I was walking with my mom and we heard gun shots....I woke up scared...I didnt tell anyone tho cause I was shoked....the next day we were walkin to my granpas house and I was in her left mom swiched me to her right arm and thats when we heard gun shots...we hid under a car but I had blood all over me!! She started cheking if I had bin shot but it wasnt me it was my mom who was bleeding on her left arm!!...that was really scary!...hope you enjoied reading my scAriest dream ever...that could of bin me who had gotten shot..!
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I remember some of my dreams, but the strangest one I remember us when me & my sister were kidnapped by the amish that stole our blankets and locked us in a room.... Yeah it was freakish.
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I know everyone dreams but I rarely remember mine. I sometimes remember them for a few minutes after I wake, but then they're gone.
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When I was little I used to dream about getting eaten by a shark. Yeah. 2 much tv? Some have come true
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oh yeah, and another one where i was being smothered and another where i was IN the show Hidden Palms- now THAT one was sweet!
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My weirdest dream was about Satan chasing me relentlessly. Fortunately he wasn't able to catch up with me.

Not even one dream of mine has come true, but even if one does, I hope it's not about the Satan dream lol

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Yes I do remember my dreams. I always remember my beautiful dreams. Some times bad dreams haunt me too. Some bad incidents in my life, haunt me in dreams too
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I am a lucid dreamer,so I almost always remember my dreams.I usually remember about 2 or 3 dreams a night.Mostly they're not very interesting,because I can't control them yet.When I can control them,I want to go back in time to things like the french revolution,and talk to animals,and go to distant countries in them.You can read my dream journal here-
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Night terrors are a horribly concentrated nightmare, mostly because your body is awake while your subconscious is not. Fortunatley most people, like me, grow out of it at an early age.
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One day I dreamed like ghost whispering at me and I was so scare at that time. I had a dream in ten years ago. In my dreams I saw that I will get hundred in my college test and next day when I asked my teacher he said you hundred.
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It seems like all I have is weird dreams!  I remember all my dreams & usually write them in a dream journal.  Three times people in my family died & they visited me in my dreams to say goodbye.  I didn't know they had passed on until the following day when my mom would call to tell me!  It was first my grandfather when I was 8, then my aunt when I was 17, and my uncle when I was 32.
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My freakiest dream ever was when I made love to a ghost girl who was really hot! It was totally freakishly weird!!
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I usually don't remember my dreams but only if I had told my whole dream to myself.
Its so weird that you can forget your own dream its like loosing your memory. Dreams help me be the person I am not, do things I could,
and be in places I'm not in.I'snt it weird when people say I don't dream? My dreams have never come true though I wish it could.

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