What Does It Mean When Your Fighting In Your Dreams But You Are Swinging As Hard As You Can And Still Can't Hit Them?


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You may have some hidden anger towards this person and are trying to relate it to them, but your mind knows this is a dream, so you cannot reach them just by dreaming. The mind is a funny thing
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You I been having a lot of fighting dreams....I hate life and I hate this world I'm tired of people starting random pointless problems and all these stupid gangs out there. In my dream I am as pissed off as this video on youtube
and I just end up fighting random people and just keep punching them in the face and them wanting me to stop and I just don't want to stop I want them to suffer but not die....I just want to paralyze them so they won't be able to move again and people wouldn't worry about them because they will be paralyzed for life.

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