Has Anyone Every Dated A Cancer Man And If So, How Was The Relationship?


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Yes! I have dated several Cancer males in my time, and most of the time the relationships were very fulfilling. You should not be disappointed.

Relationship with a Cancer man
  • Cancer men are usually very in touch with their emotional side.
  • They are normally very gentle and highly-sensitive to their partner's needs and wishes.
  • Cancer men make very empathetic and loyal partners.
  • Usually a Cancer man is very responsible - a great trait for any man in a relationship.
  • Cancer men are notoriously good with money and are usually very frugal.
Not so good aspects of Cancer men in relationships
  • Their emotional streak usually makes them over-sensitive, so be careful what you say to a Cancer man!
  • Cancer men can be very vulnerable to criticism.
  • Jealously is another bad aspect of Cancer men, and this can cause a rather large strain on the relationship.
  • Due to their over-sensitivity and emotional state, Cancers can be rather insecure. They have a very strong need for emotional security and it's very important that their partners assure them of their love frequently.
If you don't mind the emotional insecurity of a Cancer man, then the relationship can be an extremely fulfilling one!
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I have and all was good in the beginning, but he became very jealous. We ended up breaking up and even though he dumped me, he treated me with so much hate and anger like I broke his hurt or something
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I have. Overall it was a great. Hes a great guy.. Always watched out for me. He made me feel safe and loved. He always wanted to spend time with me. He helped me express my feelings too.

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