Is There A World Between Heaven And Hell?


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In the Catholic religion, there is a place called "Purgatory", which is in the middle of Heaven and Hell
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That is what many speculate, but what and where it is, is what remains in the debate of it. Some say purgatory, some say it's living here on Earth. Others have different views as well. A debate all the way up until the end huh? I think so.
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The other age old question if theres a heaven and hell is there something in between.   Well it depends if you mean as a place you get sent to inplace of heaven or hell or if you mean as a place where you end up going from hell to heaven and in some wierd ways vice versa. Dozens of religions have said yes to one side of aisle or another they say its in the stars, another galaxy, universe, realm, level of consciousness or other other place.   Such a place does exist on both sides of the aisle                                                                                                                                                            one is on the path towards salvation and the other is a "one-stop"   in place other   "realms" and "dimensions"                                                                                                         open your mind and the truths shall be revealed to you                                                   join your voice with mine and we shall sing peace peace everlasting
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Limbo of course
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Yes.  It is called PURGATORY.  Where the FIRE is less intense and SURE way to GO TO HEAVEN after repenting!!!
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There is neither hell nor heaven after death, except right here on earth, while we are alive.

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