What Does It Mean To Dream About My Dead Grandmother?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Oh dear, I hope your dream wasn’t too depressing. The most important thing to remember when you have a sad or disturbing dream is that it isn’t true! 

Usually, when we dream about dead relatives or loved ones, it’s nothing more than a sign we miss them. I used to dream about my grandmother all the time, and I still do sometimes!

These dreams are normally sad, but they’re easy to interpret if you know how.

How to Interpret Dreams About Deceased Relatives

  • Where were you in your dream when you saw your grandmother? Maybe this is a place that reminds you of her.
  • What was happening in your dream when she appeared? If you saw your grandmother during a dream that you were fighting with your sister, for example, then this could be a sign that you need her spiritual guidance in some way.
  • If there was any conflict in your dream, ask yourself how your grandmother would have dealt with it – perhaps you could learn something from her.
  • Remember, if you lost this person recently, then maybe you’re just missing them a lot. Your dream might not mean anything more than that!
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Rachel Chenail answered
It depends, did you really know her? Maybe she's trying to tell you something, or you just miss her.

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