What Does It Mean When You Dream About Head Lice?


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Wow, that sounds like a horrible dream! Dreams about head lice usually mean that you’re anxious about something.

What Do Head Lice And Other Bugs Symbolize?
As a general rule, a dream about having head lice is a sign that you’re feeling irritable, stressed and anxious. 

I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, but it’s not so bad – head lice also mean that the cause of your anxiety is something trivial. It could be something as small as needing to clean your bedroom!

Dream about fleas, mosquitos, and any other bugs that make you itch are supposed to mean the same thing. You can also interpret dreams about being tickled this way!

How Do I Find Out What Caused The Dream?
This might be a bit trickier, but we can give it a go! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who gave you the head lice? You might not know this, but if you do, think about what they’ve done to irritate you recently.
  • Where were you when you realized that you had head lice? If it was at school, your dream could be telling you that you need to be more organized and rid yourself of anything that’s making you anxious in the school environment.

How Do I Stop Myself Having This Dream Again?
You need to address whatever it is that's causing the dream. If something's irritating you or stressing you out, do something about it. Once the issue is resolved, you shouldn't be troubled by the dream anymore!

Hope this helps!
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You must be dreading an infection - look up ways to cure them just in case.

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