I'm A Leo Man In A Relationship With A Capricorn Woman; How Compatible Are We?


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Go with your heart not the signs of the zodiac. I am a Capricorn woman, and here are my personality traits;

Leo man and Capricorn woman

  • I love to help people.
  • I am an extravert.
  • I worry about everything.
  • I am a one man woman.
  • I love with my whole heart.
  • I have to have everything organised.
  • I am a planner.
  • I don't cry often.
  • I always want to fix everything that's wrong with anyone.
  • I love kids and older people
  • I tend to be impatient at times.I'
  • I'm a clean freak.

If you feel these traits are a good match with your Leo traits then yes this should be a good match!
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I believe you two are compatible only if you realize that the both of you are in the relationship!

  • It is not always all about the Leo man.
  • I believe the Capricorn woman is gift sent to you from the heavens.
  • She works hard to keep you grounded.
  • She can give you all the love you desire, all you need to do is just respect her and give her love in return.
  • Remember, it takes two flints to make a spark, without the earth there will be no fire.
Leo is a fire sign and Capricorn is earth. I hope this helps.
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I too am a Capricorn woman who has had a relationship with a Leo man on two different occasions. I absolutely love the Leo man.

The secret to dealing with your Capricorn woman is to understand that her aloofness, and need to control has nothing to do with you. We don't want to control you, we just want to be in control of what happens to us, especially where matters of the heart are concerned.

We are very loyal and loving people who just need to know that you are there for us, like we will be there for you. I love to make my Leo man feel special.
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Leo men and Capricorn women in a relationship can work, just like any relationship if both people really value the relationship and are on the same page about what they want and where the relationship is going.

Capricorn woman and Leo man
  • I know from experience that Leo men love adoration and attention from their mates and that is fine and a Capricorn woman will be perfectly willing to give that to you
  • I have found that sometimes Leo men forget they're not the only person in the relationship.
  • Try to figure out what makes her happy and give to her the way she gives to you. This should make your relationship less one sided, and will build your already blossoming sense of togetherness.
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I've been in a relationship with a Leo man for two years now. We're both secretly children, at heart. We both love affection and he likes to draw mine out and I like to let him win me over. I'm odd and he doesn't mind. He likes attention and it hasn't annoyed me yet. We enjoy a great social life, but also love our quiet nights in. I'm introverted, but he doesn't seem to mind. It's great!
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I'm a Capricorn girl and I recently started dating a Leo man. They really love attention and I mean the man is never by himself, he always keeps people around him and sometimes it can become annoying but I do it to make him happy.

We complement each other well and relate to each other because we are both big kids deep down. I am very shy and introverted and yet when ever he's around me I become the big mouth girl that won't shut up. I don't know if it will last but I can tell you I'm certainly going to try. He's my best friend!
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I'm a Capricorn woman married to a Leo man.

It can work, we are so opposite but yet it works out well. I can be too organised, bossy, and he sometimes is too relaxed, messy, and late for everything. But you have to laugh, if we were all the same what a boring world it would be!
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The Capricorn woman can be different depending on when her birthday is. For me, I am on a cusp, Capricorn-Aquarius, so I am a lot more social and love to make friends. But I still have my Capricorn aloofness, grounded, and need to hold onto my money just in case something happens and care deeply for my friends, even if they don't realize it. And of course, control. I just want control over what happens to me, thus I try to take over, which is not always a good thing though.

I read that when a Leo man and Capricorn woman get together, the Leo man has to figure out what the Capricorn woman is about to better help the relationship in the long run. They both will have the need to control, but they have to learn to work together (because they'd be great business partners) and not try to dominate the other.

When this works, it works, and the love will be amazing as long as there is an understanding between the two. Once there is, the Leo may realize he makes the Capricorn act like a giggling, talkative little girl and she doesn't even know why!!

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