How Do Capricorn Women Act When They Get Hurt?


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Capricorn women may act slightly different to other star signs when they get hurt, because of their traits and behaviour associated with being a Capricorn.

When a Capricorn woman is hurt, they certainly won't get in a rage if you've hurt them, instead they'd rather keep the anger to themselves and give you the cold shoulder.

Capricorn women have the following traits in common...

  • They are very stable and sometimes serious because of their more reserved character, some people may mistake this for being miserable. Its rather hard to know exactly what they are thinking.
  • Capricorn women are very independent and do not have to rely on their other half for support. When they are hurt, they are quite happy keeping themselves to themselves and flying solo for a bit.
  • Capricorn women always put their family, friends and lovers before anything else, so if you hurt them, it may have hit harder than you first thought. They are usually the forgiving type as long as make it clear that you won't hurt them again!
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angelic eyes
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Totally agree if she is hurt by her colleagues or friends ..she will give u cold shoulder but if she is hurt by her lover she will forgive him lols she will never keep grudges with him or her family ..she might cry but she forgives
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I am a Capricorn. Once hurt capri never tells and admits but acts as fierce one can ever imagine.She goes dead stubborn and ego goes reaches extreme which will destroy anyone and anything. The true capri nature - less remorse, no mercy and no guilt.

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A Capricorn woman acts just like every other woman when they get hurt. They cry, mope, pout, get angry, and then beat the capricorn out of you.

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