What Does It Mean When You Dream Someone Is Trying To Kill You And Your Family?


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A dream is defined as a succession of images, ideas, emotions or sensations that a person experiences when they are experiencing certain stages of sleep such as Stage 4 or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. The significance and meanings of our dreams has been debated probably ever since man could debate. And yet we are still not 100% why we dream, how we dream or what they mean.

Dreams about death are not necessarily omens of impending death or a warning that anything else bad is going to happen. They usually represent angry feelings that are suppressed within our sub conscious.

If you dream about a member of your family or a loved one dying, then it usually means that you are lacking a certain quality that they possess and you wish that you had.

If you witness someone you know dying, it could also mean that your feelings for that person are dead or a significant change between the two of you is occurring. It could also mean that the death of the relationship is occurring, but you are denying it i.e. Repressing those particular emotions to avoid acknowledging them.

If someone is just trying to kill you and your family but you are not asleep long enough to see them die or you constantly evade them, then this could mean that you are trying to protect your family from something in the real world.

Remember that each person’s or each book’s definition of a dream is different and neither is necessarily correct. Dreams are projections of our sub conscious and because they come from this part of our mind that we cannot control, there can be clues within that can explain certain things about them. But a certain dream you have is definitely not something that you should dwell on or worry about.
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I've had a dream about dieing once... Still have it... But I always finish it because every time I dream of my fingers and head getting cut off I die but there is always something new the next time I dream of it... And there are other versions of that dream other things that kill me... Horrifying.

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It means you were sleeping! Lol

It could also be your subconscious mind telling you to be more cautious. Maybe you are trusting the wrong people. And too, maybe it's wrong?

Msn has a dream dictionary. Go to msn, click on horoscopes, on that page you will see a dream interpretation, at the bottom of the interpretation there will be a link for a dream dictionary.
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It most likely means that you are having trouble connecting with your family unless you were trying to save them, then it most likely means that you are trying to protect them from something such as drugs, people, movies, websites, etc. Things you want to shield them from.

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