What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You love. And in ur dream u kill someone that was ur best friend?


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yarnlady answered
Dreams do not have any specific meaning. They are the way your brain exercises itself during your sleep. You have to put your own meaning on them. If you think about your feelings and analyze the dream, you can find your answer.
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In your sleep, your unconsious mind goes over each and every little thing you have in your brain, memories, facts, anything you know really and if you have had maybe a slight fall out with this person then you may have gone over that in your unconsious mind, therefore making you slightly annoyed at this person once again and giving you these dreams. Hope yu found this helpful! :) ;)
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Someone you luv >> I think because you think a lot of him or her
about some1 you kill >> its mean that person you kill she/he will stay alive for along time
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Sometimes dreams don't have to mean anything they're just visions I guess not every dream has to have a meaning
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When you dream its a chemical over dose of dmt (Dimethyltryptamine) its what causes  you to dream, someone you love in your dream is just you thinking of them  wanting to get close to them know how tey are a mer worrying about them, dream of a death a new life is born vise versa, hope it helps

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