What does it mean when someone who died is alive in your dream?


6 Answers

kajair babakhanloo Profile
Her/his spirit is still remained in earth. +2 for her/his
fatima khan Profile
fatima khan answered
That means you need to pray for them were ever they are there not quite happy so send prayers !!!
sara stella Profile
sara stella answered
In the your question .there is a answer that may be ' it is a dream ' so I will happen you known .some times died people will visit us though dreams or some thing like that so it is really possible...
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
I had a dream just like that! It means they are watching out for you...
Allabarra Lantern Profile
At the risk of upsetting Franken Beanz  ;-)  It means NOTHING ! It's a dream, for goodness sake. There are billions of dreams every night. They mean NOTHING!

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