What Do Ghosts Smell Like?


3 Answers

annie rose Profile
annie rose answered
That all depends on the person who is coming to visit, if it's a loved one they may show themselfs to you by there perfume or cigar smoke, I know my gran it's her perfume and face powder smell, and if I smell pipe tabaco then it could be any of my two grandfathers,
Beth Hall Profile
Beth Hall answered
It depends, My mom smells like her tabu perfume,but Ive also smelled some that are really musty and dank, My old aunts smell like stale lavender. What does your ghost smell like?
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
They don't have an odor to them. There seems to be a time that there is a smell, and that is usually associated with someone that used to wear a certain perfume, or cologne, maybe someone that smoked a cigar, this is a residual effect, and it isn't intentional that this happens. Hope this helps you out.

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