What Does It Mean When You Dream About Peeing?


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You could take a dream about urinating to represent a cleansing or releasing of negative emotions; alternatively, your body might just be telling you to visit the bathroom before bed! Just as your alarm clock might incorporate itself into your dream, the sensation of a full bladder can do the same.

Dreams About Accidentally Urinating

If you dream that you've accidentally peed your pants, this could symbolize a need to release a build-up of negative emotions. The lack of control associated with urinary incontinence could represent a need for an emotional outlet; try writing a journal or talking about your feelings in order to release them in a steady, controlled manner.

General Dreams About Peeing

Dreams about urinating symbolize a release or rejection of negative emotions, and a cleansing of the soul. For example, you might dream of peeing if you have recently resolved an issue in your life, like settling differences with an old friend, or making up with a partner.
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As often as not, it means you just wet the bed and thought it was only a dream.

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This is sleep-preservation theory. You actually DO want to pee, but your system wants to sleep, so it invents a dream where you are peeing.

I can't remember who put this theory forward, but it was in a book about Freudian dream interpretation that my sister studied for her psychology degree.

In the same book there were also observations by Freud himself about dreams where others were urinating - interesting stuff.

Who thought we could have sensible Q&A about such a bodily function?

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I keep having that dream too. I pee and walk around but I wake up and I did not wet myself.
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It probably just means that you probably drank or saw too much water.

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