What Does Is It Mean When You Dream About A Bear Chasing You All The Time?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Dreams about being chased tend to mean that you’re feeling threatened by whatever’s chasing you.

How Should I Interpret My Dream?
The thing that’s chasing you – the bear, in this case - is probably symbolic of something else, though, so you’ll need to figure out what that is first!

  • When most people think of bears, they think of grizzly, aggressive creatures – is there anyone in your life that fits this description? Alternatively, the bear could just represent something frightening that you don’t feel able to deal with.
  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities or social commitments. I guess it could also mean you just hate bears, but that almost seems too simple!
  • Being chased is usually a sign that you’re trying to outrun your problems rather than facing them head-on. You need to stop running and fight that bear, or you’ll only exhaust yourself – and then he’ll catch you anyway!
Hopefully, once you’ve dealt with whatever it is that you’re running away from, the dreams will stop. If they don’t, you might want to talk to a friend about the dream – sometimes, just sharing with someone else can make your burdens seem a lot lighter.

Good luck, and don't let that bear bite you!
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Muntaha Qazi answered
How many times have you seen this dream? This may mean that there is someone trying to bring some problem to you or probably trying to say something to you.

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