What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone All The Time. But They Are With Someone Else?


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When you sleep and dream of the same thing over and over, your subconscious mind is taking over. If he is dating someone else, I would say no to the hotel room.
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Well he's with another girl so if you had a boyfriend would you want him to cheat on you or mess around with another girl? I'm going to guess no. If he liked you for anything more then just fooling around and then he would probably end things with his current gf and go out with you. If your just looking for some sex I doubt it would be hard to find another guy you think is cute. Besides if he's willing to cheat with you even though he's with his current gf I wouldn't think that he's all that good of a guy. Good luck though.
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I agree that if he is with someone else it would not be right to get a hotel room with him If you are dreaming about him all the time you must really be into him. But think about it if he is talking to you all the time what does his gf think. You don't want a guy like that....
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If he wants to cheat on his girl this should send you a big red flag to start. If he had genuine feeling that could actually go somewhere, he would end it with the girl first and take you on a date, not just a hotel room. As for the dreams... You need some closure.
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I'm 17 and I have been dreaming about the same guy and children in my dreams since I was like 15, its never a different guy or children. In my dreams hes my husband and there my children I have a baby about 1 year old and a 3 year old and there both boys. I don't understand what it means am I dreaming of my future husband and children?
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I had and I'm still having dreams about someone from the past who I truly think if he was in my present he will make a big difference in my life. I love having dreams where I can see him and talk to him. I think I truly want him to be back in my life and the feelings of  eagerness and longing are growing day by day despite that I didn't see him for almost 13 years. But he keeps appearing in my dreams. The reason for having this kind of dreams is that you're not having such relationship in real life, you didn't meet someone that unique with such good impact on your life before. You couldn't find someone who's that good to you. If it's not the case, maybe you admire their relationship (him and his gf) in a way that you want to live something like that in the future ...

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