What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone Getting Run Over By A Car?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Dreams about car accidents usually mean that you’re worried about something.

Who Was Run Over?
If it was somebody you know, think about what they represent to you. A parent would symbolize family, a friend would represent your social life, and a stranger would represent your emotional state.

What Does Getting Hit By A Car Mean?
Getting hit by a car symbolizes anxiety and a lack of control over your situation. The person who was run over should give you a good indication as to which area of your life needs attention.

For example, if you dreamed that your mom was hit by a car, this could mean that you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with family life.

Alternatively, it could just mean that you love the person and are scared of losing them. It really depends on the mood of the dream – were you really upset about the death, or traumatized by the crash?

If you don’t have this dream again, I wouldn’t worry about it – sometimes, dreams don’t mean anything at all!

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