How Many People In The World Practice Christianity?


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About 2.3 billion. Of course, few of them follow the teachings of Jesus, but that kind of 'practicing' is true of many religions which are regarded more as social occasions than true religion.
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2.1 billon people practice the religion. This is one of the most important religion in the world today.
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Over 50,000 people who live on this earth are christians
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That can be a loaded question? Or we have to define our terms. Jesus said the only TRUE christians have had a born again experience which is receiving Jesus into our lives and making him the center of our lives. Nothing is more important than him, because he changes our INNER man our Soul is transformed on the contrary a person who get baptized or takes communion
every Sunday but has no relationship w/Christ,( Does not belong to CHRIST )
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Only a FEW people are going to heaven through christianity.

When Jesus uses the word FEW, He is referencing to His followers but when He uses the word MANY, He is referring to those in RELIGION and CRAFTED TEMPLES.

Read the following verses and believe everyone of them without allowing the children of SATAN that meet in CRAFTED TEMPLES to explain them into a LIE.
Genesis 7:1
Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24
Matthew 7:14, 9:37, 22:14
Luke 12:32, 13:23-24

There may be 1 out of 30,000,000 that follow Jesus Christ, but not one is in CRAFTED TEMPLES RELIGIONS.

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