What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About Beating Someone Up?


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If you have a dream about beating someone up, it probably means that you don’t like them very much!

Usually, dreams about beating people up are just manifestations of our subconscious. We want to beat that person up in real life but can’t, so we do it in our dreams instead.

How to Stop Dreaming About Beating People Up
Well, the best way to stop dreaming about something is usually to address the problem in real life – dreaming about violence is no different!

If somebody has been bugging you so much that you want to punch them, then maybe you should have it out with them. Before you ask, no – this doesn’t mean you have to punch them in real life to make the dreams stop! In fact, I definitely don’t advise doing that. The chances are, you’d get in trouble, and you might even start feeling guilty about it. Guilt is another thing that can cause bad dreams!

Alternatively, you could try exercising. Sometimes, the best way to resolve pent-up aggression is to do something physical. A contact-sport like boxing would definitely work, but try going to the gym if you want fewer bruises!

Good luck - and remember, violence won't actually solve your problems, so don't try acting out your dreams (however much the other person might deserve it)!
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Yes, it means you hate them a lot, or you are just very violent. Do you dream about beating up a certain  person? Or numerous people?
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Or maybe because you've been hurt enough and you would like to take out your feelings on them :)
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It probably means you would like to take out your feelings on someone you're angry at. Or you are very violent.
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It means that you love the person but you are upset with them, because if you didn't love them then you wouldn't bother dreaming of them...

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