What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Chased By Someone, And You End Up At The Edge Of A Cliff, But You Wake Up Before You Go Over The Edge?


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Some people believe that meaning and significance can be assigned to the things we dream about. This is called dream interpretation, and consists of giving symbolic significance to the content of our dreams. Like horoscopes and palm reading, this has not been proven; however, it is possible that there is some kind of psychological or subconscious significance to dreaming.

Dreams of Being Chased

Dreams of being chased are often taken to mean that the dreamer is avoiding a problem in their life. The distance between you and the person chasing you can be said to signify the distance between you and the thing that you're avoiding. This could be an uncomfortable situation that you don't know how to deal with, like breaking up with a long-term partner.

Dreams of a Cliff Edge

If you dream that you're standing on the edge of a cliff, this could be interpreted to mean that you have reached a new level of understanding in your life. Alternatively, it could mean that you are facing a life-changing decision. Given that you also dreamed that you were being chased, it's more likely to be the latter; you've been avoiding a difficult situation, and now you have to face it, and make a decision.
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Well the one thing that implies that yours is a positive dream is that you don't go over the cliff.What one can interpret is that the man that is chasing you means that there will be some problem in your life or a situation that you will have to face or have faced,but one thing that makes this a positive dream is that at the end you will solve this problem and go through this phase of life very determined and strong.

Another meaning that this dream can imply is the fact that you have just been saved from making a very wrong decision regarding your life or career. The person chasing you signifies someone wanting you to run over the cliff but you don't. So this implies that you have made the right choice or decision regarding your life or career.
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I'm so sorry that by 'zhou gong jie meng' (Chinese dream interpretation), when you dreamed that someone chased you , you will meet with the mischance. But do not care, who knows, this is often just rumor and superstition. I suggest you should take more rest, calm down or participate in some outdoor activities to relax yourself。 Good luck!!
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I have to agree with tiggersmom. But there is also one other possibility...Have you been watching any freaky movies lately? Do you have any enemies that you feel are trying to sort of close in on you for a reason? Do you know if someone likes you? They may want you bad!
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I had that dream when I was ten years old.  A man was chasing me and I was pretty sure he was going to kill me.  I woke up sweating and frightened.  My dad was in the army and at that age I always worried about war and that the United States was going to get nuclear bombed, and I think my dream could have been a manifestation of that worry.  Maybe you are worried about our future, what with all terrorist scares and the situation in Iraq, or even the economy.
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Someone chasing me trying to kill me

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