Is There A Spell To Make You Look Like Somebody Else?


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Well, apart from magick, you could try altering your appearance to be like her, like dying your hair. But, if he can't accept you for who you are, thats his problem, but you should accept yourself for who you are too.I understand wanting to look like someone who's better looking that you, but not doing it for some guy you met on myspace.
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Spell?  Magic spell?  There are magic spells for anything you can imagine.  The bad part is that magic spells only work on people that believe in magic.  You clearly believe in magic (you can fool some of the people all of the time type of people).  It is  unlikely that the boy believes in magic so I think you are stuck.
Here is a suggestion: Get a witch to cast a spell to make you less deceitful. 
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Let me tell you please that he wants to meet you for the girl he has got to know and not a picture a year is a long time if your sure you are ready to meet this boy and you feel its safe to do so then concentrate on having a nice time and not about looks plenty of people use different pictures I mean how do you know this boy is what he looks like on the photo he may be so different too take care and be careful too

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