How Many People Believe In Taoism?


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"It is unknown how many Taoists in China, but there are about 4.5 million
Taiwan (which makes it the second largest religion), and a few tens of
thousands in the Americas. It is also the fourth largest religion in
Singapore (8.5% of the population), if one excludes the non-religious.

Some estimates place the number of Taoists in China at 20 million, others at 80 million.
Followers of Buddhism and Chinese traditional religion in general
where shown to be at around 200 million by a recent survey. Other
sources indicate that the number of Buddhists in China is 100 million,
so it's likely that most of the 100 million is Taoist.

Taoism also has a large cultural influence on China and other countries that it used to have a presence in.
Taoism has a small presence in the Chinese diaspora (more common in the diaspora are Buddhism, non-religion and Christianity).
There are also some Taoists in South Korea. The number of Chinese
traditional religious is possibly an undercount, since many Chinese
feel uncomfortable discussing their religion with people in public,
perhaps even up to 20%."source:
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Approximately 100 million, but it's very difficult to get accurate figures out of the obsessively secretive Chinese government.

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