What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Child Is Kidnapped?


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Hey, don’t worry! All it means is that you love them very much and are scared of losing them.

In your dream, the kidnapping is symbolic of all the ways that you could be separated from your child against your will.

I know it’s scary, but it’s just a nightmare. Try not to panic, as it’s these kind of fears that are responsible for you dreaming such things in the first place!

The more you think about something, the more likely you are to dream about it, so trying not to worry is the best way of stopping the dreams.

When my pony Dougal was sick, I had a dream that somebody had stolen him. I read up about kidnapping dreams in my dream book, and it just said that I was worried about losing him. This turned out to be true – as he was sick, I was worried that he was going to die. The dream was horrible, but it wasn’t a premonition, and he’s healthy again now!

If you’re really concerned that the dream may come true, then just take extra care with your child, and you should be fine. However, it’s important that you don’t suffocate them, or you might lose them by pushing them away.
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what does it mean if you dream of your daughter being kidnaped. Also in your dream you get your daughter back and catch the kidnapper and begin to tortcher him you then realise you should not stoop to his level and stop. Please help i am in the middle of a custody battle for my daughter.
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Hey Christopher, it sounds like the custody battle is getting to you. Dreams are usually a way to deal with issues you are having in real life, maybe you feel you have a lot of anger to let loose because of the situation? And also some guilt about feeling angry??

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