What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Girlfriend Cheating On You With Your Friend?


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In most cases, a dream about a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is not about the spouse at all. Rather, the dream is most likely caused by insecurity, anxiety or guilt on the part of the dreamer.

For instance, dreaming about catching your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse with another partner probably indicates a deep seated anxiety on your part, either worry about your appearance, doubts about your attractiveness, or just generalized anxiety about the future.

Likewise, dreaming that you are cheating on your spouse or significant other can result from guilt you feel about other issues. In some cases these feelings of guilt are not even related to your relationship.

Rather, the guilt could be the result of anything from cutting corners at work to cheating on a test to being less than honest with family members. Thus the cheating is only a symbol of guilt you already feel, not a prediction that you will be stepping out on your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dreams about a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you tend to be fear based dreams. These dreams do not necessarily represent fear of being cheated on, although those fears can come out in dreams. Instead, the fear could be anything, from fear of failure on a project at work to fear of failing a test at school.

The fear expressed through a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating dream could also be the manifestation of a deep seated childhood fear of abandonment. Children of divorced parents, or children whose parent or parents have died, often express their fear of abandonment through bad dreams, and these dreams can morph into dreams where they are abandoned by a partner or a spouse.

Even though the issues expressed through dreams of cheating and being cheated on are not rooted in the relationship, it is always a good idea to work through the issues that caused the dreams. That is because the issues associated with these kinds of dreams, issues like trust and fear, are important things to work through. Issues with trust, and fear of abandonment can be very damaging to even the strongest relationship.

So whether you are the cheater or the one getting cheated on in your dream, it is important to examine the situations you encounter in your dreams. The situations, places and people encountered while in a dream state often represent real people, places and objects, and learning the connections can allow you to correct the situations that are leading to such feelings of insecurity and anxiety.
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If you dream that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you it simply means you are feeling cheated out of time with them. This can be caused by many things for instance, if you have not seen this person in awhile or if the person is spending too much time focused on something else such as being with friends or even video games.

So please do not go out and think that it's fate telling you that your being cheated on and to watch out for it. Just confront the person and tell them how you feel. Talk to them about spending more time together if possible. Mate going out somewhere alone for awhile so you have a better time. And when it is just you and one other you feel closer and as if you've spent more time then you actually have with that person.

I have had theese dreams myself and now that I'm studiong psychology I've learned this fact and t has helped me I not freak out over dreams. I hope this can help anyone who needs answers.
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First thing I'll say here is trust your girlfriend and most of all your love for her and her love for you.... And that dream is nothing but a mare dream, nothing much to worry about... It means that you are so much in love with her and you are very much concerned about her that sometimes turn out to be like this... Don't worry.... There's nothing wrong with it... And you if you have any doubts in your mind regarding this... Then clarify it as soon as possible... Don't carry this around with you...
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Well my boyfriend has these dreams of me all the time. He always talks to me about it and he says "well I had this dream that you are cheating on me with so and so and it worries me that I'm having these dreams for a reason!" "Are you really cheating on me?" He always asks that and because he has them almost every other day, I tell him he is so insecure and that I would never cheat on him and thats the honest truth. I love him so much just as much as he loves me. He has a fear that his friend or someone is going to take me away from him and that I will find someone else, and thats clearly not true. He tells me how he wants me all to himself and wants no other guy to be a part of my life, yes he can be a jealous person, but really he is just insecure. I'm trying to make him more secure. It's been 6 months into our relationship now.
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If your dream included you cheating on your partner it might be a sign of guilt, or even your need to explore your sexuality. If your partner is cheating on you in your dream this might indicate inner fears of abandonment or lack of self-esteem.
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It could be your subconcious thought portraying itself in your dream. Have you ever had any thoughts of your girlfriend cheating? Do you have a feeling she likes one of your friends or that one of your friends would try to take her from you? It is probably just insecurity on your part.
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Well today I dreamed about my girlfriend cheating on me and well it had me really low and I read all those other question or answers and at some point it kind of relates to me. But I only want 1 specific answer.

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Unless you have caught her at this, I think you just fear that she may seem too friendly with one of your friends and are afraid it will happen
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It only means one thing... Have a talk... Ok ... I know that every girl hates it when a guy says "we need to talk" it's like a sign of trouble ... So... What you should do is that you 2 should have a nice day out and then tell her about your dream... If she laughs at it, she is cheating on you, if she doesn't feel comfortable then ask her whats the matter, she may come out with the truth break up with her, but if she does feel comfortable with it and tell you that she is not cheating on you and it sounds like she is telling the truth then stay together, love birds.
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That was a prophetic dream letting you know what is getting ready to happen if it hasn't already happened I had a similar about a sibling and my ex and it really was going on.
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IT COULD MEAN a lot OF THINGS. She could be cheating on her so just simple ask her straight out if theres anything going on and if she says no just keep a closer eye its crazy but anything could happen.

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