Are Leo Women Attracted To Virgo Men?


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Yes, they are! These signs are side by side in the Zodiac, which means they will be different elements and modality. This can sometimes lead to communication problems, but can be successfully navigated in time and with plenty of patience and tolerance.

The Leo woman and Virgo man
  • The Leo woman is very attracted to the Virgo man. They are very in touch with their emotions, and will express their love for the Virgo man at any given opportunity. She will leap at the prospect of romance with her Virgo, and this side of her makes it easier for the Virgo man to open his heart too.
  • The Leo woman likes the Virgo man's tolerant and quiet personality- something which proves to be a great contrast to her own. It may seem that she likes to be the dominant half of any relationship, but ultimately she cherishes the more laid back Virgo man's approach to life.
  • The only problem that could arise in this match is the Virgo's natural inclination to criticize rather than compliment. The Leo woman will take these comments straight to heart, even when the Virgo does not mean them offensively.
The Leo woman is very excited by the prospect of a Virgo man - although in a long-term relationship both will have to adapt and be tolerant of the other's needs and views if this match is to work.

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