Are Two Virgos A Good Match?


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Yes and no. These two will have plenty in common, which should make getting the relationship off the ground easier. They both love the routine and stability of life together.

However, it won't all be plain sailing for these signs. As Virgos, they will be overly-critical of each other, and may find it difficult to relax after a hard days work.

It will depend on how flexible these two Virgos are - if they are each willing to compromise, then this could definitely work. If they're not, then this match could encounter a few difficulties.

Can two Virgos date each other?
  • The relationship between these two is most likely to get off to a slow start, as this star sign is known for its modest and shy nature.
  • Each Virgo in this partnership will appreciate the loving and caring nature of the other. The combination will make for a very intimate and emotional bond.
  • Virgos set very high standards for themselves, and when someone fails to live up to these they cannot understand or tolerate it. Both will have to work on this aspect of their relationship if this is to work.
Yes this match can work, as these two have a lot in common, but both must learn to compromise if they are looking for a long-term commitment.
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In my experience, I have dated a Virgo sun sign before and we were a great match. I enjoyed how he was into his work just as I am, and we both had similar interests. I'm really picky, and even though we got along great there were some attributes about him that I just couldn't get past. So I guess you could say there wasn't enough emotional depth for me to start a relationship with the person.
Currently dating another Virgo sun sign, and this relationship is way different. (Moon sign and Venus sign really make a big difference here folks!) I find myself already super into him, and we are attached at the hip!

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