What Is St. Alena The Patron Saint Of? Does Anyone Know Where A Lot Of Information On This Saint?


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Saint Alena was the great great great great grandmother of Princess Alainna of Aquaitaine.  Saint Alena was born in Belgium in 601 and died in 640.
Daughter of a pagan chieftain, she secretly converted to Christianity. One night she slipped out to go to a Mass in Vorst. When her father found out, he ordered guards to follow her; they witnessed her walk across the river Senne to reach the the chapel. When the guards reported back, the king decided that his daughter had been bewitched by the Christians, and ordered the guards to bring her back. She refused, fought with the guards, and during the struggle one of her arms was cut or torn off. An Angel appeared and took the arm and placed it before the altar at the Chapel. Alena's parents were shocked, but her fierce faith led them to eventually accept and become Christians.  She is the Patron Saint of eye problems and toothaches.  You can find info on her at:  saints.sqpn.com
Type in /saintai3.htm   after the .com.
www.catholic.org Feastday: June 18

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Well I no where a lot of info is the web site is: Catholic.org/saints
then you go to browse saints and click on "A" then find st.alena and click on it (it should be a link) it will take you to a page and it has a lot of info on it.

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