Who Is The Patron Saint Of Children?


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I'll give you a clue ~ he's a jolly fellow, who wears a red coat, usually has a huge white beard and runs around saying 'ho, ho,ho!' Yep, that's right. The patron saint of children is no other than Saint Nicholas himself ~ no wonder we got so many presents as kids! Actually, all joking aside, Saint Nicholas is also called Saint Nicholas of Myra and had a reputation for giving gifts in secret. It is said that he lived in the fourth century in the regions of Turkey and this is about all that we know of him. We do know that today he is still held in high regard ~ especially by children from all over the world, who refer to him by several names including, Santa, Nikolaus, Sinterklass and of course Father Christmas.
As we all know, Saint Nicholas is a very busy chap. Not only has he got to deliver presents to children all around the world in one night, he is also the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers and students!

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