Who Is The Patron Saint Of Music?


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As far as the Catholic church is concerned, Saint Cecelia is the Patron Saint of music.

The origin of this patronage is thought to come from the fact that, when Cecelia was beheaded, she is thought to have been singing (to God).

Another theory is that the idea stems from her wedding feast, where she sung (in her heart) to the sound of the organs, and she is also often associated with the instrument.

Saint Cecelia: Patron Saint of Music Saint Cecelia was a 3rd Century Roman martyr (it is thought she died sometime between 176 and 180 AD).

According to Christian legend, her husband and brother were both arrested and martyred under the Emperor Alexander Severus. After burying the two men, she herself was sentenced to "suffocation in her bathroom" by steam.

Her original execution was unsuccessful, and in the end she was killed by the more conventional means of beheading.

The Patron Saint of Music Although this barbaric story sounds typical of Catholic history, it is in fact supported by very little documentary evidence.

The Academy of Music was founded in Rome in 1584, and St Cecelia was chosen as its patroness. There are several churches dedicated to her around the world, the mother of which is in Trastevere, Rome. Her feast day is celebrated on 22nd November each year.

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