Can A Dream Come True? How?


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Not really, unless you make it come true
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Dreams are what you are thinking or feeling at a subconscious level.  They of themselves are not magical in that they do not foretell the future, well not usually.  If you like something in a dream and want it to happen in real life then you have to make a strategy.  It is an old wives tell about dreams not coming true if you tell someone else.  But the important thing about any dream is what you learn from it.  What is it that this guy represents to you?  What qualities does he have that you admire?  Are they qualities that you might like to have yourself?  What about him do you think would make you a better person if you were to have a relationship with him?  If you want to have a relationship with this guy you need to find out what his interest are.  Then support him if he is on a team or talk to him about some common interest.  Try to get to know him better.  Then  whenever you see at him a lot!  Then wait  for him to make the first move.
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Yes if you really want your dream to come true hold on to it and never ever let go if you really want to
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Dreams like that are funny some means you guys might have a relationship in the future or it could mean you should say some thing and this might happen or it could just have been a nice dream
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Dreams...can be a reality or something impossible....if you like this boy and you are having dreams of him ...maybe you should make the first move by letting him know that you are interested in him or you might lose that opportunity to do so..they hook with no worm never catches the don't hesitate to let him no how you feel...if you want that dream to be a reality.
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Dreams are weird like that. I dreamed several times of a family member dieing and I told my mom someone was going to die. She believed ma, but neither of us could figure out who. A week later my grandfather died.

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