How Does Religion Contribute To Diversity In Society?


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Age contributes towards diversity in a big way. As a person gets older the person tends to become wiser and learn a lot more from the experiences in life. As a person grows up they come across many people from many cultures and they tend to learn about their lifestyle. Diversity is a vital part of growing up, it teaches you to live and adjust with people whose thoughts are completely different from yours. When a person is young they tend to make decisions in a haste without even thinking, growing age makes one more mature and makes a person think twice before making and decision. During teen days or early twenties a person usually tends to live for themselves, but later as a person ages they have more responsibilities and priorities in life.
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People feel very strongly about their religious beliefs.  Unfortunately there are major differences in the practises and beliefs of different religions.  Since people adhere so strongly to their customs  which mostly come from religious beliefs, you end up with as much diversity as you have differing belief systems.
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Providing people are educated and open minded it's a positive thing to have multiple religious influences in society because people learn more. It's when ignorance and closed minds rule that you get violence based on religious intolerance. Sad indeed.
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How does religion contribute to diversity? I'm not sure I get your meaning, but I can tell you that you are not allowed (at least not in this country) to keep people out of.. A school or club or job or anything based on their religion. Therefore you have different religions living and working together

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