What Does This Funny Dream Mean?


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Pamela Mauldin answered
It sounds like when you were younger there was a young girl,or a idea, and you ran away from ,in fear maybe of being tied down or of love?,or maybe you just wasn't ready for commitment yet!what else was in the dream? How old were you both? And what colors did you see?dreams are very fascinating.I dream alot and keep dream journals.Gifts come in many forms!
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Pamela Krueger answered
Maybe you're afraid she might catch you!!  LOL
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Dena May answered
I would think you went to bed settled and happy therefore you had happy dreams. All dreams are strange to me. I hate the ones that leave you with a lump in your throat the next day. Ever had one of those. And love your avatar.
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nettie answered
Sounds like a imposter,not who she appeared to be,in real life be careful of imposters.....
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suman kumar
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What is meant by imposter my friend can I know
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Hi friend appearing to be someone you are not,a wolf in sheep‘s clothing, so to speak....I'm not a dream reader just a wild guess...
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Someone pretending to be what or whom they are not,there was a reason for your running away from what seemed to be affection,you think?
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Cindy Thompson answered
Sounds like you gave her something she needed and she wanted more. You were good to give her a hug, we all need hugs. Love and Peace, Peace
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Steven Vakula answered
It seems as if it is you leaving your youth and becoming a woman and your youth is running after you, not wanting you to let go of her.
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Omer Butt answered
Did you took my Life styled HUG before going to sleep?
Hmmm... Since I am Male, that cannot be me AND I am sure you won't run away from my HUG!,
Again, Hmmmm... So, my sweet one, Are you proposed by someone-LOL!
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suman kumar
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Haa mere bhai, ek proposal aya hai, sach much
Omer Butt
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Aha! I knew that! Tell me what happened after that!
Oh No! I can't resist the excitement!
Phlzzz! Phlzzz!!!

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