My dreams feel so real and feel like memories or something that when i wake up i cant figure out if it really happened in my life or not...does anyone else have that?


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Of course we do. Dreams can be very exciting and emotional and realistic.
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I'm completely alive in my dreams...
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I read somewhere once that, scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as a nightmare, and when they have studied people who were remembering a nightmare, it wasn't the part of the brain where dreams are stored, but the part of the brain responsible for real life memories that was active.

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Yes. I feel like the POTC pirates are real because I dreamt that I was a crewmate of Hector Barbossa or Davy Jones and I got so scared that I woke up screaming my head off. I would be lying in a pool of sweat and desperation if Davy Jones was real.

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I get this all the time,where I wake up and I cannot deduce why it happened,or why I dreamed that,they are always real like,I have been told that we astral project and it does not seem fake or they are visions of past life
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Alonia Freckles
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Do you actually believe that we astral project or see visions from past lives?
Summer Larson
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I have that but may I ask you do you have past lives? Just wondering I have them and if you experience dying in your dreams over and over you probably do, but you have to die in the same way
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Nope I do not, it's easy to separate dreams from reality for me.
Dreams are insanely nice, reality is moderately nice LOL
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I get that too! It's really quite annoying because I can't figure out if I've really done what I needed to do or not...and then sometimes I feel mad at my family for no reason because they were acting weird in my dream =D Quite queer, eh?
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Yeh I do, normally I dream about something thats happened in the last few days, or something I have been thinking about, which make it more confusing
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Don Moran
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Dreams aren't just stuff the mind makes up. When we drop off to sleep, as SOUL, we leave the body and explore other worlds to have experiences there. Sometimes we go to the TIME TRACK and see a past life or we may look at the future and then something we dream happens later on, that's the Deja Vu experience. Try singing HU before going to sleep and ask SPIRIT to give you an insight as to a direction in life. I'm a member of ECKANKAR and we study dreams and such a lot. Divine LIGHT AND SOUND are key to attaining HIGHER AWARENESS....good luck and BLESSINGS.

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