What Does That Dream Mean: You Are Walking With Someone Who Is Actually Your Friend On An Empty Road Holding Hands?


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Rachel Sharp answered
Depending on which 'school of dreams' that you subscribe to, this dream can be interpreted in a number of ways. Although interpreting dreams in a symbolic way is not accepted by everyone, you can at least assess some of the feelings that were in the dream. In our sleep, we process subconscious thoughts, feelings and memories. Therefore, it can be said that your dream has something to do with some feelings or experiences you have had. Consider whether you have any memories of walking along a road with someone and holding hands. It may be that your dream is a reconfiguration of these memories. Your dream indicates a feeling of closeness and intimacy with your friend. You must feel that the person is someone you can trust, even if subconsciously. It can be said that your dream expresses your fondness for the person. These are points that are recognizable from your dream; whether your dream means more than this is up for debate.
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Tariq Habib answered
If your friend is female then the meanings are you are thinking about your future plans and if the friend is male then your are thinking about your pleasant past memories and the pleasant time spent with that friend

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