I always get the same dream(nightmare)once a month.I cant explain it but it scares me.My sister told me this one time that i woke her up by screaming something out loud and walking around the house.Yet i dont remember anything.What does this mean?


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Hi Jesiz Murillo, Alas, you don't remember anything, and on the one hand that's positive, for dreams do disappear in the morning, yet you know you have had a dream and perhaps wake up feeling lousy, and other times, we wake ourselves from the dream and panic. You say you're sisten heard you, woke up, can she remember what you were screaming, perhaps not, it may not have had any words to it, simply the scream! It's good not to remember that's how dreams work, we work out something that horrifies us, and the dream content, releases you fear, so that it does not continue, in your daily life. It's positive to forget and if you remember then write again and we can interpret it. But right now all is working well for you in the dream world...Hope useful.

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