Luke 14:15-25 What Is Jesus Trying To Deliver ?


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For one thing it applies ti Israel who were first offered the Gospel and who rejected it as a nation. Mat.10:6..Mat.15:24..Mat.21:33-46...John.1:11-12...Rom.1:16...Acts.13:46... The Gentiles have taken their place at the present time.Acts.15:13-18...Rom.11:32 It also pertains to anyone who rejects the Salvation message, God sends out the Holy Spirit to draw all to come and receive Christ as Lord and Saviour but many will not come! Many will say I'm too busy to serve God! I don't have the time! And they will miss out on this great supper! In rev.19:7-9 Its called the Great Marriage supper of the Lamb! It is for all of those who have received Him while they were on the earth and lived daily and over came the evil of the world through the word of their testimony and the Blood of the Lamb! Rev.12:10-11..there will be a Remnant of Jewish people who will come in there many now that are believing and receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour! Many now are realising that He is the One the Prophets spoke about!...Genaveve
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Basically what Jesus is telling us is that if we decline His invitation to salvation we will not be allowed to enter His Kingdom (the great feast or supper). That's the essential meaning of that parable. You took it to verse 25. If you meant to include that then we must also use verse 26 which finishes 25. All Jesus was saying there is that our relationship with Him has to be priority, number one. For me, my greatest gift is my relationship with Him. Everything and everyone else comes second: My wife, my son, my friends, my job, my car, my comfort, food, etc. None of those possess the power to reconcile me to my Creator.
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Jesus was delivering a message to the POOR and SUFFERING ONLY of the entire world.

Luke 4:18 and Matthew 11:5 tells the TRUTH while ALL RELIGIONS twist God's inspired WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT and LIES and says the Gospel (GOOD NEWS) is to anyone that pretends they believe in Him. They will refer you to Matthew 28:18-19 and use that scripture as though the POOR and SUFFERING is not through out the world.

Jesus says in LUKE 6:20  to His TRUE disciples "Blessed are you who are POOR for yours is the kingdom of God.

If you are not truly POOR, I will see you across the chasm in HELL. So give all that you possess to the POOR and SUFFERING as required by Jesus Christ in Luke 6:33.

The RELIGIONS will use Matthew 5:3 to twist you into a LIE, saying that if just PRETEND you have a POOR SPIRIT then you are POOR.


A POOR SPIRIT is a Godly Spirit and a Godly Spirit does not covet nor desire anything of this world.(Luke 6:33)

SATAN constructed RELIGION thousands of years ago and they began building CRAFTED TEMPLES that God PLAINLY SAYS through His inspired word in Acts: 7:47-48 & 17:24 that GOD DOES NOT LIVE OR DWELL IN CRAFTED TEMPLES but in Luke 14:26 Jesus says to HATE the ones that FORCE you into the HOUSE OF SATAN at a young age so the DISCIPLE OF SATAN (RELIGIOUS LEADERS) will assist the members of your household in taking you to HELL with them.

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