What Do Non Believers In Jesus, Think That Jesus Is?


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Most think that Jesus and all the accounts in the Bible is all a myth. I am sure you will get your answers very soon, as there are a lot on non believers who will be keen to answer your question.
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Many many people (probably the majority of non-Christians) DO believe that Jesus existed. It's not a matter of whether he existed or not. The distinction is that they just believe he was a man, but do not believe that he was holy or the son of God (any more than anyone else is). There is wide acceptance that Jesus had a huge following and tried to teach people how to live an upstanding life. That is not usually an issue of dispute. The main point is whether Jesus was divine.

Of all the major religions, Islam is closest to Christianity in regards to Jesus. In Islam, Jesus was a prophet. He was born to the virgin Mary and was supposed to lead the children of Israel. He performed miracles and is supposed to come back at the end of time to defeat the anti-christ. There are many references to Jesus in the Qur'an. The name for Jesus in Arabic is "Isa" and many Muslims have this name.

Just because a person is not a Christian, does not automatically mean that they are ANTI-Christian.
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They don't believe he ever existed, unfortunately, hopefully someone will witness to them and they'll change their mind.
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Depends all persons have different opinion's,but most believe he was not real and science explains every thing.
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Some people think the Bible is a 'fairy tale' Little do they know! Some people also think Jesus is not real, and it is a myth. Sad, but true. :(
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Some think he was a good teacher, some think only a prophet, some think he never existed,
some think his dicsiples stole his body,LOL Some think he was imposter

There is more historical proof Jesus existed then socrates, Julius Caesar, or anyone else who lived 2 thousand yrs. Ago

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