In Islam How Many Wives Can A Man Have And Can He Keep Them All At The Same Time? Can Women Have As Many Husbands As Men Can Have Wives?


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In Islam men can marry four times and they may keep all the wives at the same time. Women are allowed to marry only if they have been divorced by the former husband. If a woman divorces her husband or is divorced by him and then wants to reconcile later on she has to marry another man and get a divorce from him and only then can she marry the former husband. She is not allowed to marry more than one man at a time. If anyone deviates from these laws, they are punished according to the law of the land, which in most Islamic countries is in line with the Shariah or Islamic law.
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That is not far to women coz they end up heat and broken heart ,it reaaly not right ,what if you don't like the women he want to marry ,and what if you don't want him to get married ,coz he never told you about this he promise to be with you only then he will change his mind and want to marry another women this is not right ,i know that its their religion that saying that but we end -up heat we women ,why can't they have one wife like a women is allow to have another man coz time change.
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Men are allowed to marry four wives at time subject to follwing cnditions:

  • He can afford them very easily.

  • He can treat them all eqyually/fairly.

  • He must ask permission from his previous wife or wives (As holy Prophet did that too).

Women are allowed to marry only once until they are divorced or their husband dies. There are different punishments given in different areas for exceeding the limit by man, some say divorce the last wife, some say divorce any one wife & some give punishment of being bitten by hunter to man & asks his wives which one want to leave him. So, It depends to your Shariah(Islamic Law) Court What decision they give.
Even for women punishment varies from "Giving divorce to last husband, Being bitten by hunter OR Death Penalty "
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pay strict attention to the rules you must be able to support each wife equally,you don't buy a house and all the wives live there you must be able to buy each their own home etc. Peace
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That is a great answer listed above.  I would not think a woman could marry more than one man at the same time, it is only men who seem to be able to do that.  Even though I don't agree with it, I think everyone should only be able to have one spouse.  That is just my opinion though, I am not discrimination against it, I just don't believe in it.
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Does a man need to take his wife's consent to marry another woman?

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