How Does A Man Divorce His Wife In Islam?


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My family took me to pakistan and forced me to sign nikkha papers I havent spoken to the man since,I want a divorce from him but I don't know how to do it,we have never lived together as husband and wife should plzz help me
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Islam discourages the use of Divorce between Husband and Wife. It encourages the partners to seek reconciliation at all stages. Though the use of Divorce is not prohibited in Islam, it is extremely unfavored. You must advise your friend to talk things out with his wife.

However, if things do not work out, the husband can give one divorce to his wife. The Wife must wait for 4 months after this divorce. During this period, the woman is advised to stay in her husband's house and the husband is responsible for her finances. This time can provide them with a chance of reconciliation and would also enable them to know if the wife is bearing a child.

If they reconcile, they can resume their marriage. However, if they can not, a second and third divorce is given and the marriage ends. The husband can also give a second divorce and wait for further 4 months to check out if they can get along with the marriage.

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A Muslim is allowed three chances or three pronouncements or act of divorce on three different occasions, provided that each divorce is pronounced during the time when the wife is in the period of purity and he has had no intercourse with her. A husband may divorce his wife once and let the Iddah pass.

( Iddah: Every divorce is followed by a waiting period, during which the wife should stay at her husband's house. It is not permissible for her to move from her husband's house nor for him to turn her out. This requirement leaves the way open for reconciliation, both in first and second pronouncement of divorce.)

If reconciliation takes place hen they are given two more chances but once he has divorced her for the third time then the divorce becomes irrevocable. The husband can not take her back unless she marries someone else to live with him, as a permanent wife and he dies or divorces her, then she can marry her first husband. It is forbidden for another man to marry and divorce her simply in order to make her Halal or permissible for her first husband.
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My husband and I are 13 years apart. When we met initially I told him I wanted more children, he seemed to understand that. I helped him get his green card and then he changed on me, like he had nothing but business between us. When I speak about kids, he says he is not ready or talks about wanting them born in his country, but it is always an excuse. I want children and it is nearly time to expire for me to have kids, so I feel divorce is the only option as we are incompatible and on different paths. Is this grounds for divorce? What are my options?
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Iv been wiv my wife for 5 years nd I'm not happy, hav tried
making it work but it's not work! I now know I don't love her and don't want to be with her I have said divorce to her 3x bt is that enought to be divorced to her???? I got married in Pakistan nd not   registed here
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If my husband tells me he fee like he was married to my dad n maybe I should mary my dad does that mean we are divorce

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