Why Are Vampires Afraid Of Crosses?


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In modern television and movies, vampires are afraid of crosses because they are holy. Since vampires are an "affront" to god, they can be warded off by crosses, for fear of a painful, fiery death. However, the actual story behind this misconception is the exact opposite of what humanity has believed for hundreds of years, back to when vampires were considered nonfiction, instead of fiction. In the seventeen hundreds, a french priest successfully warded off a vampire with a cross. However, this cross was made of silver. Silver causes an allergic reaction in the vampires body, essentially shutting down his bodily functions blood(food) processing, regenerative abilities, etc. I'm not quite sure on the specifics behind it. I'll have to do some checking with my sources. But back to the story. After successfully fending off the vampire with the cross, he eagerly told everyone about how god had saved him from the vampire. This spread from village to village. However, the priest was cross-free the next time the vampire found him, and as such nothing could stop the him from ripping the priest limb from limb. So the priest never had a chance to revise his story. So his misconception became "fact" to humanity

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