What Are The Four Castes Of Hinduism?


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Castes are social divisions between men on the basis of their lineage and profession. Some family names belong to a 'superior' caste while others are 'inferior'. To mingle with the inferiors is considered wrong in Hinduism. Hindus claim that it is the will of God that some men be considered better than others.

There are four main castes in Hinduism, which are:

1) Brahmins:
People born in this caste are the most superior. They are the priests of temple and are privileged to study the Vedas. They can perform rites and have to observe reparations. Brahmins are believed to be born to protect and serve the sacred tradition, dharma.

2) Kshatriyas: Kshatriyas are warriors. Their purpose is to protect the people and to serve the brahmins (give gifts etc. To brahmins).They should also offer sacrifices to ancestors and gods. They are also to study Vedas and mete out justice. They are also to abstain from sensual pleasures. Kings were from this caste and their authority could not be challenged. The king is supposed to be just in all his rulings.

3) Vaishyas: Vaishyas are merchants and peasants. They have to trade, tend cattle and cultivate land. They are also required to study Vedas. Vaishya men are not allowed to marry women of a class higher than their own.

4) Shudras: These are people of the lowest class. Their only purpose is to serve the people of other, superior classes. They are not allowed to study the Vedas or even hear it and cannot eat in the company of a person from a higher caste. They too cannot marry women from superior castes. Even within the shudras, the lowliest of the caste are the Chandalas. They are considered impure and often as 'untouchables'. Even their shadow was considered impure and if a chandala was sighted, it was considered ominous. That is why they mostly lived away from the society.
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Do you have any book in which all castes are written. I want to know do kings and priests belong from a same caste?

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