What Does It Mean To You, To Be A Child Of God?


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I feel so badly for those who do not know that we are all children of God.  We call him Father, Abba, Jehovah, just to say a few..All religions believe that we were created in his image.   And if that is true,most definitely , we are his children....
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It is completely awesome, no words can describe the whole feeling to be a child of God
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Penny Kay
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I agree, having felt God's presence in my life, I am so grateful and happy to be His!
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These kind of questions are way too cerebral for me. Somewhere deep inside I have some sort of machination of faith, but it is not defined to the point I can recognize it or rely on it. I don't believe in the varied structures of organized church, just as I don't believe the Pope is any closer to God than the man standing next to him. Those are all man made rules tacked on like government taxes - so to be able to answer your question, I would have to be able to define what a Child of God is - and at this point in my life, I can't.
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Penny Kay
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I believe that Jesus came to give us a simple easy to follow (for anyone) type of spiritual program, sort of. Then Man takes it, just like the Governmen, and complicates the heck out of it, so that no 2 people have a clue what it means. I know that God cares deeply about each of us. I don't think you have to follow a denomination to get to heaven.
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Wow, powerful question, and  thought provoking. I would have to say that being his child, I need to obey my Father, and heed His words. This ensures that I will join him in Heaven when the time comes for us all to join him there. I sometimes can't wait for that. But, this is His plan, and I know that that time will come. No hurries then. ^_^
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It means living a life of peace, as peaceful as can be, with other people around you creating the havoc, but you know better than to get involved....the best to you ♥♥
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Im so happy to have accepted christ as my personal saviiour .wish the whole world believed on him.  Jude009
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Absolutely nothin. God is a pooof!!!
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Gave you a thumbs up for answering. Sorry you feel that way. Maybe things are not going your way now or ever, but God loves YOU, all the same. I love you too.............*p
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I agree with tracey no words can describe it. It means im saved. It means i always have a friends to talk to when no one else is there to listen. I can talk to him anytime day or night and it doesnt matter what time of the night. H e is   always there. I am so happy to be a child of God!
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What does being a child of God mean to me??  It gives me a feeling of security and peace just knowing that I can talk with my God via prayer at any time and any place and he will listen and has answered my prayers on many occasions by granting my requests.  It means that no matter how bad things get in my life due to outside influences or illness that I will not (and have not) faced it alone.  It means that although my parents and grandparents have died that I will one day see and rejoice with them again.  It means that my death will not be the end of me and when I take my last breath on this earth, my next breath will be in Heaven (assuming that we will actually breathe as we know it).  It means that no matter how poor I am today that I will one day live in a mansion and that there will be no tears, no pain, no envy, no hate, etc..... As we celebrate Christmas we must keep in mind that there was a reason that Jesus was born - he was born so that he could die for us in a most terrible way.  His death had to be horrible because he was paying a debt and making himself a living sacrifice for all mankind so that we might have an eternal relationship with our God.
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I distrust any god which can be quantified in the way you describe.  God as I know it has no children, it is the universe and the laws therein.

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