Do You Think That God Wants Members Of A Particular Sect Or Religion, To Kill Nonmembers, Or Those Of A Different Religion?


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Okay, i will try to use my and the muslim's/islamic religion to explain this.if they follow the quran and it's teachings pertaining to allah it says to either convert or behead the infidels (anyone not of their religion)from what i anyone practicing this religion will at some point(in their life) have to decide if they are really practicing the islamic faith or their own version of that religion from what i understand.this is to say if you are not a believer as they see it then you are the enemy and if you do not accept allah then you must be destroyed.where in the christian faith yes we use to destroy enemies under God's rule and under his guidance. But only the enemy that was coming against the follower's of the one God the creator, which this sounds like the islamic faith but this is where we seperate big time we do not say convert or you must die if you don't believe....we tell you of the teachings of Jesus and then let you decide of your own free will if God is the one to follow.we do not seek to end the existence of any other person because they will not convert to our belief because we are not really seeking conversion but the acceptance of the gift Jesus gave of his own free will by sacrificing his life to save not one particular group but everyone on the planet that learns and accepts this i am taking it that you are referring  to the fort hood attack  where a practicing muslim/islamic religion decided to turn to the way of the original teachings and try to take as many non believers as possible with him before he died(which he did not). This is where the united states are going to or will have to find out the hard way who is or is not a follower of the whole teaching of the quran or if they are a sect of the religion that are just calling themselves a muslim practicing the islamic religion to what other words the united states is going ot have to make a decision or risk further attacks from inside their own borders.this is about all i know from the news and from discussion groups between a christian that was a former muslim/ practicing the islamic faith and catholic priest. "my short answer is no caring/creator would want his child to kill his brother or sister".i have to add this but God gives special dispensation to soldiers protecting their country/the weak/the poor/the ones that can not defend themselves under his guidence.the way i understand it they (soldiers/police)are basically servants of the nation or nations that they are protecting.just as in the bible when he sent certain groups into battle he would protect them but only if they followed his rules to the letter.when they did not follow his rules they were handed over to their enemies. As i think you already knew this story. I guess the real question is does God/the creator of abraham,isaac and jacob the lineage of Jesus want his followers to defend against other religious groups that are committing terrorist attacks on their own people and other nations. I would have to say yes, only to you will see most soldiers only want to stop the violence/the attacks and do not hold individual citizens responsible for one groups actions. This is where it get's tricky how do you tell the evil ones from someone just trying to's almost like the parable about Jesus coming as a thief in the night .even if your ready you don't know when he is coming. In other words you can't tell by looking at someone only by there actions of the past and future.this is my answer to penny  and is not up for discussion with any other guest or blurter from me.thank you very much. : ) .
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Penny:well i use to think the same thing until i started learning that the bible was guided by God's own hand through these deciples.and the teachings still hold true today. In other words i trust the church has held these publishers to the highest possible standards keeping the meaning of Gods word as pure as it was first written. And as of late they have proved the dead sea scrolls have the same scriptures as the bible does.cont-
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Pencil: So we have to trust have faith that God is still in control of any bible/christian bible that is reprinted and translated or made into easier understanding language to spread the word. Just as translations into all languages all over the world are made for others to read. From what i understand the bible has held true even to the dead sea scrolls the oldest text we have today as a example. I would have to think Jesus would have said the scriptures were flawed in in fact the prophets cont
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Pencil: I would think that if the bible the scriptures were biased that Jesus would have corrected those teachings when he was teaching the word by living it in front of his deciples the world but we never hear of that. In other words there would have been other books written by other authors contridicting these words. But as we see the bible has not changed .i would also say it is biased as it is the word of one God .his way or not our way. We don't get to make God in our image.
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NO, from what I know about Islam, you at-tact those that at-tact you and that says nothing about if you don't believe as I believe you are my enemy, there are those that can and will twist anything so it can benefit them and there evil thoughts, that is their countries belief and not islam and I will leave it there because of my training, I have a lot to say about Hasan instead of being in the hospital he should be deceased at this stage......the best to you
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That depends on which religion, which god, and which time period of said god (e.g. God from the Old Testament enacting the ban vs. God of the New Testament preaching tolerance).
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Forget those human(most probably written to please own-self[by priests etc.] or the tyranny kings of different times) edited texts. God send humans on Earth to let them purify their souls by serving the suffering humanity.
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No, God never  Wants Members Of A Particular Sect Or Religion, To Kill Nonmembers, Or Those Of A Different Religion. Any religion doesnot say to kill others or other people of different religion, this wrong. The people who are following the religion are taking it in the wrong perspective.
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Most popular religious texts DO talk about killing and/or even raping people who follow a different god. Read the Old Testament.
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NO...God does not approve of anyone ''harming'' each other. We know that He detests violence therefore wouldn't that be going against Him if we were to kill other humans? We are all imperfect but only God can make the decision of who should ever be killed. That is not up to us but Him.
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Thou Shalt Not Kill. Everything that has happend, and is happening in the world is all part of God's plan and there is a reason for it all. We just have to have faith and do our best to understand the mystery. I wonder if it would be helpful for some folks to read revelation first, then read the rest of the Bible. Of course I don't know, just a thought.

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