What do you believe: Christianity, Theistic Evolution, or Evolution/Atheism? Why?


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Dont limit yourselves in a very very tiny box , there are more than those
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Albert Renshaw
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I've heard and studied a mass amount of the main religions..
I am just curious about these 3 now, and this is why I quote myself now: "I'm not interested in hearing about anything other than the 3 categories I listed. No other religions please, thanks!"
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I definately don't believe in Christianity or the Bible. And I really don't understand how people can think anything other than evolution could have resulted in us and other animals occupying the planet. But I have some time for the belief in the supernatural influencing creation, afterall, "natural selection" only refers to the "selection" of the fitter organisms. It doesn't explain how those of which the selection is out of, came about.

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I am Christian-Gnostic also spiritual,but that is not in your category, i believe that Christ was (is) the son of God and was a messenger for god as there were others with the same message not complicated at all, the Bible written by man (not god) is the biggest complication of all, we are all children of our creator,  you are the son of your mother+father withov them you wouldnt be here, we are all the product of gods imagination so to speak,
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Albert Renshaw
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That is a really interesting take on it!
Why do you suppose God would allow the Bible to be written if it was all un-inspired though... He wants us confused >:) ?? Haha
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I believe in that.
All three in a way.
I believe in the words allegedly spoken by Jesus.
I believe in evolution, but the catalyst being something I cannot define, thus bringing it to the point of being called God for lack of a better word.
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Albert Renshaw
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But do you believe that Jesus is the son of the Creator of all, while still being part of the creator himself, in a trinity?
Joe B.
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Mr Albert, no I do not.
I simply think of Jesus as a misunderstood logical man.
No tricks or magic, miracles etc..... Just a common man who saw the world for what it was, and in many ways it rings true today, for what it is. Inherently corrupt and in love with itself.
But no, To me Jesus was not the son of God, no more than you or I.
He was just a man, flesh and blood, born of a woman who had sex.

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