Are You A Ghost?


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Robyn Rothman Profile
Robyn Rothman answered
I must be.  Help, I'm running out of ectoplasm and fading fast!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I sometimes thing I might be when my husband is playing computer games. I can be standing right next to him and talking, but he just does not see or hear me!
mich peach Profile
mich peach answered
Not that I'm aware of no
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yes I am. Be careful or I might haunt you.

Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
No. But I have a few in my house. Sadly though, they have no computer skills.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
Are you talking about the one ghost in particular that loses everything for you when you aren't looking? I loathe that one. Lol
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yes, I am a ghost.
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
I sincerely doubt it . I can bleed when cut . I can see myself in the mirror. And I have not read anything in the obits about my recent demise .
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Gee, I am starting to look rather pale...does that mean I'm turning into a ghost or a vampire???  I still can see my reflection in the mirror though..
martha Profile
martha answered
Really now- probably not- I have flesh, blood, bones and can't walk through closed doors.

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