Why Did Christ Die?


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Life of Jesus where ~ Jerusalem, looking at the time, have occupied the Roman
Empire controlled Jerusalem. In the brutal rule, the lowest of the people are
very distressed, but this time the Christian so that their only psychological
comfort, of course, mostly Jews, followed the Jewish religion. So to them Jesus
was a pagan, and as the Jews of Jesus for them is simply a heretical teaching
clan leader. Is likely to shake the status of the Jewish nobility. Jewish
aristocrats who wanted to place trying to get rid of Jesus. Roman ruling class
feel that they are Jewish aristocrats under the rule of "law-abiding" is the
Roman empire and obedient citizens and the creation of the love of Jesus
teaching (Christianity) in their eyes as they were under the rule of unease. One
disciple Judas to betray Jesus, so that the Jewish aristocracy to seize Jesus.
They came to find time with Jesus in Jerusalem, the Governor of Rome, Rome, of
course, yielded to their demands to allow the use of "torture" Death to Jesus,
after Jesus had been flogged before being crucified on the cross.
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The Jesus who was a rabbi and had disciples, was a troublemaker who was stoned to death for heresy at the order of the Sanhedrin. The other man with a similar name who was crucified by the Romans, was just a common criminal. Don't believe what you read in the Gospels, they're just sales pitches for a new religion.
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Marissa Carpenter
Do you just get on the christianity category to downgrade our lord and savior? Shame on you. If you deny Jesus before man than you will be denied in heaven by Jesus.
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Um, actually the bible is one of the most accurate history books in existance, written from first hand accounts of god. Btw when you get to hell, tell osama bin laden that he got off easy.
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Christ died to show his life as a sacrifice to cleanse us from sin. And it has helped people (some people that arent deceived) realize alot. There is no greater love than that. If you want to learn more just say so- or simply just start in matthew and read your bible. Make a profile on this website and we can become friends. I love it when people are interested in learning about our savior. The is the first step to a better changed life.
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He died for our sins.

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Jews had to give a perfect sacrifice for their sins. They usually sacrificed a perfect lamb but because animals are not nearly equal to people they didnt cover very much for very long. Jesus was absolute perfect so his death covers all sins forever.

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