Do you think god is real? Why do you think so?


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Who made you? And if you crawled out of an ocean...who made the ocean? Who made the stars in the heavens? Who put a planet the perfect distance from sun in order to sustain life? Look around... That's why.
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Forest Lone
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Yep, your right. Human knowledge is incomplete. God has all the knowledge and did not give it all to humans. Each "genius" of humans is given one piece of a grand puzzle in which God has the big picture. If man were to combine all their wisdom and "genius" thoughts together since time began, into one pot, we still come up short. Without Him, there would be
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Now we have proof that we didnt orginate on this planet
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Brady - you've just managed to clearly explain (much better than I ever have) exactly what I've been trying to tell people for so long! Thank you!
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Yes. I believe in many dieties too. I think it all depends whether or not you are open minded to the ideas and beliefs many people have. No one is wrong or right as long as we stick to a positive path in life. The only wrong would be denying other peoples belief and preaching your own. That's just ignorance. And i believe in god because i was visited by light angels when i was depress in my teen years. They stayed in my room for 3-4 months straight watching over me when i cried myself to sleep. I tried to touch them to see whether it was the reflection of the moon through my window but i could not cask any shadow over them. Amazingly, i know he's watching over me everyday. I never feared anything except myself. I could take a whooping, beating and still resume happily through school and college. I bust my buns to work hard for a positive change and i think with god's support i know i can do it before i leave this material world. 
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I think what I know is well within the shadow of what is out there to learn.
I can never claim to know anything really, as there is so much more to learn.
But I think questioning, and seeking is the best method.
It should not go against the grain of faith or spirituality, but rather hand in hand.
As if there is a God that answer shall be unveiled and if there isn't, well then it all never mattered anyway.
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I know so.
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I doubt that the god of a humans religious text could ever be real.  We are, by and large selfish by nature and it shows in religious texts where man is the center of everything, the crowning achievement of some infinitely powerful being.  The reality is is that humans have walked this Earth for only a tiny fraction of it's existence, the earliest hominid culture anthropologists have identified is some 6 million years ago, around 1.2% of the age of our Earth.  If we want to see a true achievement of some all powerful creator we will have to look somewhere other than our pale blue dot.
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Yes cause if he asent we all wouldnt be here so thankgod ur living and breathing
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Thair are many mith's and leagens but noone knows for sure idk what to believe cause you may be worshiping the wrong god (if theirs even one)

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